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Whatever the weather, it is important to keep your car well-protected against hazardous elements. Car wax and sealants serve as a protective layer on top of existing paintwork, which guards it against high UV and spray from roads in wet months as well as leaves a gleaming finish.
If you’re looking for car wax and sealants that are easy to apply, Commercial Vehicle Lights has got everything in the store. We provide the best quality wax and sealants for vehicles in the UK used to protect all car exterior surfaces, leaving your car with dazzling shine with a simple spray after washing.
Created as an alternative to wax, sealants have now become a preferred choice for detailing as they are easy to apply and extremely durable. Spray sealants are perfect for those looking for a convenient way to add gloss and protection to a vehicle with minimum effort. This can quickly transform the entire look and feel of your car’s exterior surface/paintwork – adding shine, depth, and protection in minutes.

Excellent Range of Automotive Wax and Sealants

Our range includes Chrome North West fast wax, Chrome North West tip-top wax polish, Reflect Autocare – super cold wax, White Diamond blue pearl polish, Zephyr Pro Dee-o-dee spray wax and polish, crème cherry wax, and many more.
Our car sealants and waxes contain several protective properties, with optimal durability, gloss, and ease of use. We have something special for everyone, no matter what kind of end result you’re looking for.

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