Curtains & Bedding

We are delighted to now be able to offer a full range of high quality interior styling products fully customised to your specification. All items come in a range of fabrics, colours and finish, designed and created by our expert team to meet your individual requirements and provide maximum comfort. Our aim at Commercial Vehicle Lights is to ensure your cab feels like your second home!

Our Curtains

Our curtains are made using the best quality fabrics and trims available on the market, from reputable suppliers from as far as the USA who guarantee continuity of fabric shade and texture.   Our seamstress has over 40 years’ experience and ensures that all products are constructed to the highest standards to ensure maximum customer satisfaction. 


All tiebacks are made to coordinate with your curtain fabric choice and can be Dutch style or fringed to your choice.  As standard are tiebacks are a finished folded size of 11” =22”, however can be made to your personal specification as requested.


We supply a range of pelmet options which include straight, Dutch, scalloped, middle drop with scallop etc.  Our pelmets can be made to your specification and design and can accommodate units with sensors, cameras and all other devices fitted within the unit.


We offer a full range of bedding options to compliment your interior design, which are made to your truck measurements and customised to your specification.  All materials are sourced to guarantee the highest quality personalised products.  Bedding can be complimented with a range of matching accessories including cushions.  


Materials are sourced from the top suppliers from across the globe and include 225g fire resistant Dutch Suede and a range of tartan poly viscose mix fabric.  All fabrics are available in a wide range of colours, if we do not stock your required fabric, we will do our utmost to meet your requirements.
All of our curtains are lined with a 3 pass 100% thermal blackout which provides optimum heat insulation and sleeping conditions.   

Custom Embroidery

We offer full embroidery on all textiles, once you provide your required design, our specialist seamstress will digitise it to ensure consistency of embroidery in each product ordered. We will endeavour to fulfil all requested designs just ask and we will strive to fulfil your design.

Brand Options

We provide interior textiles for all models of trucks and vans, based on our comprehensive database of interior measurements.  If you have any modifications made to your interior, please provide details in the notes of your order.

Fitting Options

All curtains are made to the specification of your interior, with curtain hooks sewn into each set to meet the design of your cab.  If you require transferable universal curtains to fit a range of cabs the set can be made to suit any make and model with curtain tape fastening. All sets will be made to ensure that there are no gaps midscreen at night.

Required Information

In order to ensure that we can make your order to your standards we require the following information:
  1. Fabric Choice (Plain, suede, tartan)
  2. Fabric Colour
  3. Tieback choice including fringe options and colour
  4. Vehicle make and model (For Scania vehicles is your vehicle next generation)
  5. Any interior modification and positioning of equipment to include sensors, cameras etc
  6. Straight or pleated

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