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Custom Products Europe Ltd have been trading for over 12 years and are a family run business based in Staffordshire Moorlands.
Company Registration Number: 9346789 VAT Registration Number: GB 268 5180 77
As a company they have secured exclusive UK and European Rights to distribute a range of products aimed at the automotive sector including cars, motorcycles and trucks. Our products are promoted heavily throughout the industry and demonstrated at all Car, Motorbike and Truck Shows to ensure we create the demand for these unique products. This is to ensure that you as a retailer are selling products that are in high demand to your customers. Our products are sold through various distributors throughout the World, including Truck Stops, Car accessory stores, motorcycle stores and many more retail locations. All of our products are compliant with Health and Safety regulations, Reach Regulations to ensure you are selling fully compliant products. COSH Data Sheets are available in various languages for each country.

Find White Diamond Metal Polish for Sale in UK

White Diamond polish is multi-purpose for cleaning, polishing, and protecting all colours of paint while not discolouring trim. It is a highly concentrated heavy-duty formula for durability and long-lasting shine. It is easy to use via hand or power buffing, as it contains no acid ammonia so no pre-cleaning procedure is required.
Commercial Vehicle Lights is a leading supplier of White Diamond metal polish in the UK. Our exclusive range of metal polish can help you remove impurities and discolouration while you polish and seal against damage. It is perfect for car detailing, motorcycles, RVs, defogging headlights, and more.

White Diamond Metal Polish with Long Lasting Sealant

Our range includes White Diamond blue pearl polish, White Diamond coat ceramic spray coating, embroidered microfibre cloth, White Diamond high shine metal polish, multi-purpose dressing cherry scented, and more. We provide high-quality shine solutions in 5 litres, 500ML, and 355ML. All are perfect for stainless steel, aluminum, silver, chrome, gold, brass, copper, fiberglass, and headlights.
All products are sourced from top manufacturers and are popular among truck, car, and motorcycle enthusiasts. These metal polishes are easier to use, simply shake the bottle, put a cleaner on a microfibre cloth, rub the polish on the surface, and clean with a cloth.

Buy White Diamond metal polish online – make your vehicles shine like new!