Heavy Goods Vehicle (HGV)

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Lights for Heavy Goods Vehicle (HGV)

Heavy goods vehicles are more focused on durability and safety than style and design, especially in the commercial sector. That’s why you should count on a lighting system that maintains maximum illumination and safety for both the exterior and interior body.

Commercial Vehicle Lights include advanced LED lights for heavy goods vehicles (HGV) such as rotating warning lights, trike rear combination lamp, 15W Square LED work lamp, 2 Function LED combination lamp, side marker lights, and many more. We understand that heavy-duty vehicles in commercial areas have their own set of challenges and that’s why we bring best-suited lighting solutions to enhance your operational efficiency in any condition.

Find LEDs for Heavy Trucks and Trailers

Heavy goods vehicles usually work in high-vibration environments and need a high-quality lighting system to maintain efficiency either on or off the road. Our product range is compatible with 12/24V and fully integrated with a first-class LED unit. You will thank us for its low maintenance, shock, water and dust resistance, and value retention.

All our products are sourced from premium manufacturers that carefully work in accordance with industry standards to meet the special demands of customers.

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