Wireless Cameras

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ESG Wireless Cameras at the Best Price

Have other eyes on the job or incident scene with feature-rich and high-performing ECCO camera systems. At Commercial Vehicle Lights, we supply a wide array of ECCO wireless camera systems, featuring a large-size LCD high-resolution touch screen colour monitor, CMOS infrared camera, and excellent picture quality even in low visibility.
The wireless camera system also reduces installation complexity and expense while eradicating the potential risk of wires being damaged during vehicle operation. The compact monitor enables unobtrusive installation without compromising the viewable screen area. The system is expandable to up to 4 cameras, with integrated recording capability via SD card, making it perfect for all types of vehicles.

Functional and High-Quality ECCO Wireless Camera

We have different models of ECCO wireless cameras in stock, including ECCO EC2028 additional wireless camera, ECCO EC7000B-WK Geminieye 7” wireless single reversing camera kit, and ECCO EC7010-WK Geminieye quad view wireless reversing camera system. Each comes with independent trigger wires, and all use a wireless signal to transmit image data to the monitor.

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