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Marker lights are mainly used to alter the other driver about your presence on road. If a heavy-duty vehicle turns off in harsh weather, side marker lights ensure proper illumination. Our marker lights come equipped with LED technology – easy to install on a vehicle with a 12/24V.

As a trusted supplier of marker lights in the UK, Commercial Vehicle Lights offer marker lights with indicator from top brands. We work actively with sourced manufacturers and give you an upgraded replacement of standard bulbs.

Our product range includes 24V LED outline marker lights with indicator, Amber strobe, warning lamps, ring marker lights, LED outline marker lights with progressive indicator, and more. These can withstand extreme weather conditions, come with a surface mount bracket, and stylish LED marker lights with indicators.

Shock and Water-Resistant Marker Lights with Indicator

Shop from our massive collection of the front, side, and tail markers with a progressive indicator that gives strong and bright light output, low energy consumption, and value retention.

We never disappoint in terms of production technologies, reliability, and performance. Each product is rigorously tested before delivery and offers you a guarantee of 2 years for 100% satisfaction.

Explore our complete range of LED marker lights with indicators!