24 Volt Marker Lights

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Robust 24 Volt Marker Lights for Trucks and Trailers

Marker lights enhance visibility and performance on road. LEDs side marker lights require less power to operate, which increases longevity and provides more brightness than other traditional lights. With a large assortment of compliant shapes and colours, Commercial Vehicle Lights have stylish LED marker lights and the safety options you need.

We are a leading UK online supplier of high-quality 24 Volt marker lights, fully approved and manufactured by reputed brands to comply with current regulations. We have different types of automotive LED marker lights in stock, including clearance lights, side marker lights, warning lights, and outline markers. All aims to provide other drivers with the visibility they require to drive safely.

Buy LED Marker Lights for 24V Vehicles Online

It’s time to upgrade your current lighting system and install LED marker lights for trucks and trailers to increase their lifespan, energy efficiency, and brighter illumination.

Our range includes 12/24V LED side marker lights, outline marker lights with indicator, stalk end marker lights, Amber LED front marker lights, LED outline marker lights with progressive indicator, and more. All are compact, have high-performing LED modules, and are suitable for minimising contact damage while providing great warning light output.

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