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Want to restore your car’s dull and faded black plastic trim? Keep in mind that it’s all in detail and trim protection can make a big difference in the overall appearance of your car. 
The trim on the car is highly exposed to harsh elements and ends up drying, cracking, and fading. That’s why Commercial Vehicle Lights carry automotive cleaning products to clean, protect and enhance vinyl, rubber, and plastic on your car’s exterior.

Tried and Tested Trim and Bumper Restorer 

We carry a huge selection of trim and bumper care products in stock, including Autosmart finish interior & exterior dressing, Autosmart G101 interior & exterior dressing, and Autosmart Highstyle interior & exterior dressing. All are solvent-free trim dressing concentrate for protecting and rejuvenating vinyl, plastic, and rubber. 

— Restores faded and dull plastic trim and bumpers
— Renew the surface to its original appearance
— Provide long-lasting shine and protection
— A non-greasy formula to make your trim look like new
— Excellent for any vehicle with plastic trims or bumpers

Not only this, but they are also easy to apply – simply take an Autosmart min-jet in a mist form or dressing sponge, wipe over, and allow it to dry. Buff with a soft cloth, if required. For a quick and effective finish, dilute it with water.

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