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Tar remover is specially formulated to remove tar, asphalt, and adhesive substances that stick to your automobiles. It is a perfect blend of petroleum solvents designed to dissolve impurities, safer to use on base coat and clear coat paint, leaving no oil or sticky layer behind.
If you are in search of high-quality tar and glue remover for sale, you’ve arrived at the right place. Commercial Vehicle Lights provide easy-to-use tar and adhesive remover based on a blend of solvents to remove bitumen, tar, and glue residue from glass windows, window frames, and other surfaces of your car. All are abrasive-free, non-corrosive, and highly concentrated emulsifiers, which can remove even stubborn tar without damaging the underlying surface.

Tar and Glue Remover for Sale

We are on a quest to offer a complete range of no-nonsense and effective automotive cleaning products. Our job is to make your car cleaning job easier with premium products at a great value. 
Our range includes Chrome North West tar and glue remover, Autosmart Tardis tar and glue remover, Chrome North West Bottles, and Holder, Reflect Autocare – tar and glue remover, and many more. All come with a mix of solvents that will safely remove and dissolve tar deposits, glue, and wax from vehicle paintwork with one easy spray.

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