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Premium quick detailing products are used to bring the shine again and add a protective layer to the paint of vehicles. It is also great for removing residue left over from the wash process.
Choosing the right quick detailing spray for your car isn’t a difficult task anymore. At Commercial Vehicle Lights, we bring to you a huge selection of spray waxes, quick detailers, and ceramic coatings. Our quick detailers provide a unique gloss to varnished surfaces, and a durable and water-repellent finish while protecting the paint from dirt.
You just need a small amount of formula to achieve a long-lasting shine on your car. It is super easy to use – simply spray the surface with a dry varnish and rub it with a cloth to obtain the desired result. Our job is to make your automotive cleaning job more hassle-free and convenient than ever before.

Automotive Cleaning Products

We are on a mission to provide you with no-nonsense automotive cleaning products that give a high level of protection, shine, and a perfect finish. Our range includes Chrome North West embellish quick detailer, Chrome North West rinse and shine deal, Chrome North West ceramic detailer, ceramic spray coating, Reflect Autocare – quick detailer, White Diamond coat ceramic spray, wax, and polish, and many more.
Our ceramic coating formulations are appreciated for their propensity to preserve shine and work as a shield against harmful elements. They have hydrophobic features, which means any moisture sheet or dirt can be removed easily from the surface.
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