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Pre-wash and shampoos are rinse-aid formulations designed to remove dirt and protect a vehicle. You can find a wide range of pre-wash and shampoo at Commercial Vehicle Lights to achieve outstanding results in automotive cleaning. With a powerful mix of detergent and special additives, they can remove dirt, grime, and traffic film with ease and perfection.
We understand the importance of keeping vehicles cleaned and well-maintained. Regular cleaning of your cars, trucks, and trailers with premium products will protect them from harsh elements and leave a lasting shine. With our effective car cleaning products at reasonable prices, you’ve no excuse to leave your vehicle down in the dumps.

Pre-Wash and Shampoo for Exterior Car Cleaning

Our range includes Autosmart snow foam pro foam shampoo, Chrome North West exterior kit, Chrome North West fly away bug remover, Chrome North West mega clean, Reflect Autocare shampoos, tar, glue remover, and many more. All shampoos are pH-balanced, safe to use on exterior surfaces, and will not remove the original colour of a vehicle.
Our specialist solutions protect your vehicle from discolouration and long-term dirt build-up. We stock a wide array of gentle and effective car pre-wash and shampoos. With scents like cherry and jelly bean, you can remove excess grime and leave your vehicle shining again.

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