Interior Dressings

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Premium Interior Dressings for Vehicles

Automotive dressing products can help bring the car’s interior back to its new and elegant appearance while protecting surfaces and making them easy to maintain. If you’re finding high-quality interior dressings for vehicles, you’ve arrived at the right place.
Commercial Vehicle Lights supply a wide assortment of interior dressings for vehicles of top brands, such as Autosmart finish interior & exterior dressing, Chrome North West blink int dressing, Reflect Autocare quick clean, White Diamond multi-purpose dressing cherry scented, and many others. All are water-based tyre and trim dressing for protecting and rejuvenating different surfaces like vinyl, plastic, and rubber.

Versatile and Reliable Interior Dressings

Our vehicle interior dressings are perfect to use on interior trim, dashboards, tyres, and engine bay components. All are solvent-free and non-flammable to keep your surfaces looking like new and ensure protection against UV rays and dust. These dressings will leave a matte or shiny finish on the surfaces, helping you restore vehicle finish and give a visual appeal to your car interiors that last for several months.
Despite promised protection and useful properties, it doesn’t feel sticky and never hides existing gloss in the plastic. Due to their cleaning and protective qualities, the results look incredibly fantastic and stand ahead in the test of time.

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