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Buy High-Performing Osram Bulbs

Our impressive range of Osram bulbs includes the next-gen Night Breaker Laser, a bright halogen automotive light from a reputed brand. Powered by laser ablation technology, which allows headlight lamps to shine up to 150% brighter than standard bulbs. The engineered filament ensures additional light output, up to a 150-meter-long beam, and up to 20% white light.

More brightness, visibility, and illumination can help drivers across different industries to identify and actively react to traffic hazards. These stylish and modern Osram bulbs give your vehicle an eye-catching look, appealing glances from all around, and performance to its fullest potential.

Osram Night Breaker Laser Halogen Bulbs

These lights are designed with the best quality, shock, and water resistance features. Manufactured to be a standard replacement and highly compatible with 12V vehicles.

Our Osram night breaker laser H4 +150 halogen bulbs are suitable for all sorts of commercial trucks and trailers, including mixer, dumper, heavy and light goods vehicles, tipper trucks, low loaders, car transporters, skip and tanker lorries, and tractors.

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