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4 Things to Consider to Find the Perfect Light for Your Mercedes Truck

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Driving at night is very dangerous and a truck lights are an important accessory to get right when upgrading the rides at night. It’s great for visibility purpose because having proper visibility at night is very important.

And the need for LED light bars has grown increasingly in trucks over the last few years and you can choose one of the best LED bars for your Mercedes truck light. It does not only look great, but they also add safety features, make the truck a little bit safer when on the road at nighttime. It can also use a light source when work is taking place on-site. Now, I’m going to share some tips to find the perfect light for your truck:

Shape and Sizes, Beams and Brightness
At the time of choosing or purchasing a light bar for your vehicle, you should consider the size, shape, color, shade, and brightness of the bar. These are some certain aspects that you may not have thought about as well.

Beam Configuration
There is a wide range of beams including flood beams, combo beams, spot beams, and diffuse beams. There are some bars that come in the form of a mix of these, a combo beam brings both flood and spot beam together in one LED light bar. And these are measured in degrees.

So, you need to think precisely what you want to install, a light beam onto your truck or else and which angle you will need it to function effectively.

Efficiency and Voltage
You may know that light efficiency is calculated in lumens per watt. So, if you are in the market for a stronger beam and you are looking for a higher efficiency that also means you are looking for better LED quality. With input voltage, the broader the voltage range is the better the LED light bars.

Intrusion Protection
This is something that you’ll need to consider when measuring an LED light bar’s resistance in wet or dusty surroundings.

These are some important things that you need to consider for choosing the perfect LED bar for your Mercedes truck light. Today, there are many better bars on the market that have adjustable stainless steel mounting brackets, which are sturdy against vibrations and rocky terrain. And at the time of choosing a light, it’s wise to consider the cost, intended use, brightness, illumination distance, and the style that you want to portray.