4 Essential Things You Need to Know When Buying Fog Lights

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When driving in foggy weather visibility is often very poor. In such weather, it is very difficult to see ahead of your vehicle. Poor visibility increases the chances of road accidents because the drivers cannot see the surroundings.

The ordinary car lights are not strong enough to provide visibility during extreme weather conditions. Fog lights are specially designed to help driving in bad weather. These lights are specifically useful when visibility is reduced by fog, mist, or even dust in the air. 

4 Essential Things You Need to Know When Buying Fog Lights 1

However, there are various things you should know before buying fog lights.

What are Fog Lights?  

They are a type of automotive headlight that emits light in a bar-shaped beam. They are intended to cut down on glare during poor visibility conditions allowing the drivers to proceed safely to their destination. The fog lights are intended to see the road right in front of your car.  

These lights are preferred only while driving slowly in low visibility conditions, using them when driving at normal, speeds can dilate your eyes and reduce the ability to see the road far in front of your car.  

Things to Know before Buying Fog Lights

1. Brightness

Low visibility during foggy weather can affect the judgment of speed and distance causing accidents. Using fog lights can make a huge difference during poor visibility conditions to improve your driving experience.

Brightness is one of the key factors when choosing a fog light. While choosing fog lights give preference for LED lights 

Low-wattage LED fog lights can be a better choice compared to high-wattage halogen bulbs. LED light bars can be more energy efficient, helping you save money on energy costs.  They help enhance visibility while driving in foggy or rainy conditions.

2. Durability

The durability of fog lights is also a concern, choosing a durable product makes it a worthy investment. When it comes to durability, the type of material used in the light is a crucial factor. Aluminum is a great choice of material that doesn’t warp and bend easily. Choosing durable materials ensures that the bulbs remain cool and are not deformed over time. Also, wattage is a critical factor in the durability of the lights. Choose a wattage rating of at least 150 millicandelas. You can also opt for LED lights that are durable as well as easy to install.

3. Reliability 

A set of high-quality lights can make a huge difference to ensure a safe driving experience. That’s why it is always worth it to take your time and research different options before you spend any money. Luckily, there is no shortage of reliable lighting options. You also want to determine compatibility with your car’s make and model. With a little bit of research, you can choose the right fog lights that help you tackle poor visibility conditions and drive safety.

4. Cost

The cost of fog lights will vary with the brand, model and year of your car. They can be a costly investment, but fog lights are completely worth the money that you pay as they make driving safer.

4 Essential Things You Need to Know When Buying Fog Lights 2


Whether you are looking for a new set of fog lights or a replacement for your halogen, it is important to do a little bit of research to get the right product for your safety.  At Commercial Vehicle Lights, we pride ourselves in providing world-class LED light bars, LED work lamps, full-color lightboards, motorcycle bulbs and more.